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GGI Community reaches out to influence educational, social and cultural sectors with a clear initiative: Create Equal Access to Brain Knowledge for Brain Health.  After all, it takes networks of communication and engagement along with a lot of heart and grit to help us see the light at the end of a neurobiological tunnel.   As you surf our Community Portal you will discover:

1 / We are passionate advocates and consultants for Spatial Studies — as spatial memory is key to learning, creativity and maximizing brain health and longevity.  GGI is member of SILC – an international  network of researchers, educators and practitioner who promote the new understanding of Spatial Intelligence and its role in healthy brain development by way of new wearable tech and gaming systems.  We are happy to announce our collaboration in spatial matters: In 2015 GGI took up residency at RotoArchitects Studio to explore the nexus of neuroscience, architecture and gaming to boost research, methods and products for architectural design education, architectural design industry and the neurogaming industry.

2 /  We are advisors and consultants in Arts, Tech and Science learning and collaboration.  We specialize in the creative problem solving and design thinking for new research challenges, think tanks, curating exhibitions, and educational product development.  GGI’s Inventio!Brains approach to catalyzing innovation has impacted diverse learning communities and generations in the US, Singapore and Australia.  Case studies: Dr. Greenstein is an XPrize Vanguard for Global learning and an advisor to the STE+AMConnect movement growing throughout the US.

3 / We are trend watchers and research innovators in the emergent neurogaming movement creating new mobile and VR products for clinical and home use.

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Advocacy for Brain Health

GGI's Inventio!Brains Prize incentivizes innovative brain research conducted by college age youth.

GGI’s Inventio!Brains Prize incentivizes innovative brain research conducted by college age youth.

Great films to start the conversation


Brain Power advocacy for GGI, written, directed and produced by Tiffany Shlain, The Moxie Institute for Let it Ripple


The Crash Reel, directed by Lucy Walker, an award winning film sharing a “comeback story you’ll never forget” first aired on HBO, 2013