GGI is R & D lab in California, envisioned and founded by Fulbright Scholar M.A. Greenstein Ph.D.  We are dedicated to bringing arts and science together for social innovation in brain matters.  We specialize in “knowledge transfer” of neuroscience for the public good.

GGI works in alliance with leading neuroscience and neuropsychology labs in the US and Canada.  In the last five years we have teamed up with colleagues across a broad spectrum of future focused communities in arts, design, technology, and social justice in North America, Singapore and South Africa.

Today we lend our research and design skills to organizations and companies seeking strategic consulting in human learning systems, new product development  and change management.

GGI honors the name of Colonel George Greenstein, M.D., a remarkable, pioneering, orthopedic surgeon who led the way to insure confidence and experiment in all matters of problem-solving within the American medical system.

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GGI’s A B C platform includes creating scalable programs and events:

A is for Advocacy: We produce major media advocacy challenges, campaigns, curricula and conversations  to improve public understanding of neuroscience research for education, tech and theraputics.

B is for Build Brain Knowledge Companies & Brain Health Products.  We aim to influence progressive education and public wellness systems by consulting in new entrepreneurial business ideas.

C is for Community-Based Problem Solving.  We collaborate with local / global partners to inspire adoption of “brain smart” learning systems in their organization.

What We Offer