GGI,, and the Inventio!Brains System are daring examples of Dr. M A Greenstein’s ingenuity, moxie and finger on the deep pulse of contemporary culture seeking applications of arts, design and neuroscience research for creative problem-solving to benefit the public good.

Yes, fierceness takes many forms.  Dr Greenstein (D R G) has earned the respect of leading neuroscience, arts, science and social design organizations in the US and aboard.

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Dr Greenstein is available for guest keynotes on “Insights from Brain Science” for your conference, team building luncheon or retreat.

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On the Web: Dr. Greenstein’s leadership perspectives on creativity, arts and science collaboration and the importance of learning about the human brain can be found in MIT’s recent LINC conference proceedingsBodies in Space, PositScience Brain HQInsight Experts Coaching Magazine, and Frontiers in Neuroscience.  Dr. Greenstein’s thoughts on applied neuroscience and its impact on design, technology, mindfulness and the future of our humanity can also be found on the WEB.

Selected Press:

Click here for Dr. Greenstein’s talk on “Why Growing Spatial Intelligence Matters!” at the Mind and Its Potential Conference, Sydney Australia.

Click here for Dr. Greenstein’s SXSW 2011 talk “Design with the Brain in Mind.”

Click here for an interview with Dr. G. re: Will Neuroscience Change Education? in Psychology Today.

Click here for Dr. Greenstein’s applied neurotech talks at Harvard U and in Los Angeles at the HumanityPlus conferences.