We have spent 6 years of prototyping and beta testing a suite of products under the brand “Inventio!Brains.  We believe everyone can tap their Inventio!Brains curiosity and gumption to grow with “a little help from your friends.”

Our public programs and services have met with testimonial excitement of company executives, youth, parents, program administrators and philanthropic investors.

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DrGArtCenter2016Spring:WinterInventio!Brains Consult  Custom Solutions for Human Performance, Team Building, Diversity Intelligence and Product Incubation. We offer live engagements through think-tanks, game design and executive coaching to boost self and team awareness, leveling up in goals and skills and generating fresh perspectives on product development. Partners: Callinectus Training and RotoLab.

Neurons Sparking!: Design with the Brain in Mind!Inventio!Brains Research   We offer companies and organizations a hand in conducting qualitative field research, on site interviews and analytic user research.  We specialize in two sectors of research: design and cognitive neuroscience with a focus on user experience.  As grant winning researchers and university graduates, we dig deep for proven facts and perspectives.  Ideal for outsourced R & D as well as policy making.

banner6Inventio!Brains Labs  Inventio!BrainsTM LeaderLabs tackle team building, diversity intelligence and product development using our proven “innovation through authentic collaboration” method.  We custom design live and digital format lab curriculum for Companies, Organizations and Schools. Click here to see evidence of live training.

OrenSmilesSocialEngineInventio!Brains Chat:  We experience design chats for your company or organization seeking to generate community and clients.   Referred to as “a Think Tank meets cocktail party,” Inventio!Brains Chats bring people together in inspiring spaces to engage in immersive conversation. Yummy food, drink and topical ideas fuel dialogue and seed network potential.  GGI’s own Dr Greenstein moderates the chat with some of our brightest minds and pioneers in neuroscience, tech and design.  Dr GreensteinPartner: Urban Alchemy 360.  Click here to see faces and spaces of past company “white label” events.


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