Inventio!Brains STE+AM Camps and Leader Labs

For the last five years, GGI has partnered with Solid Core / Earth Aware project to offer Inventio!Brains Epic Challenge STE+AM Camps and Leader Labs for educationally at-risk youth in Southern California and SouthEast Asia.

Incubation Labs are at the core of GGIs inception and commitment to advancing STE+AM learning.

Born from deep field research, our InventioBrains STE+AM Labs approach to discovery and invention, integrates team-building skills with neuroscience, design and spatial navigation projects insuring a growth mindset and tapping neuroplastic potential.  Youth experience brain/mind skills and values they need to enjoy and succeed as 21st century learners, inventors and future leaders.  With unique opportunities to collaborate on Epic Challenges that take up real world issues, youth ages 10- 29 get their geek on to tap their inner Inventio! and be inspired by master mentors working on  the cutting edge of memory, spatial navigation technology and community based design.

GG1_ALI_FIN_2a-1 Summer 2014 Highlights:  GGI in alliance with SolidCore and the A-MAN STEM Center offered the 2014 Inventio!Brains Epic Challenge: Asteroid Quest — an incubation lab to solve the problem of asteroids bombarding our planet!  The quest engaged high school youth in a 5 day summer camp setting comprising of experimental labs and field research, collaborative inquiry and hands on design. Our quest included a final presentation day, bringing youth together with researchers and parents from across the newly emergent research and professional field of Spatial Intelligence.  Our guest neuroscientist: Dr. Dane Clemenson, post doc in the Stark Lab at UCIrvine.

Dr Clemenson was joined by artist / architect / experience designer Owen Fritts and laser engineer / NASA Ambassador Hal Walker.   College Interns from around the country assist as team leaders.

EpicChallenge2014Inventios & G EpicChallengeNeuroscientistDrD EpicChallengeDesignerOwen


Epic Challenge Mastery:  GGI‘s Epic Challenge model is for the student seeking alternatives to traditional education. Our signature lab gives high school youth, who have a talent and taste for science and design, a unique chance to work with master Inventio!’s in the fields of neuroscience, design and engineering.   Our youth/mentor formula has proven ideal for teens to

1. grow confidence and prototyping skills in STE+AM content using neuroscience and design thinking;
2. empower their own arts and science learning in a Brain SM+Art, Mind Awake, coaching environment;
3. enjoy the “open source” nature of a collaborative studio/lab focused on spatial research and problem-solving experience all the while having fun, growing friendships and getting their “geek on”!

GGI is honored to belong to the SILC network of spatial intelligence researchers and educators.  In addition, all of our programs acknowledge NSF and NIH protocols for informal, brain science literacy.

Click here to learn about GGI’s successful “Rock the Rocks” Crowdrise for our 2014 Epic Challenge Incubation Lab click here: Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise