Inventio!Brains Prize Unpacked

Why a Prize?

The Inventio!Brains Prize incentivizes innovative brain research conducted by college age youth.

The Inventio!Brains Prize incentivizes innovative brain research conducted by college age youth.

Current “prize” and innovation cultures prove daily that  interdisciplinary collaboration is the order of the day.  The Inventio!Brains Prize reflects the arts and science values of GGI’s DNA and the growing movement to empower creative thinking, research and problem solving in today’s youth.

The Inventio!Brains Prize objective is two fold:  A.  Design an equal access, challenge opportunity for youth to cultivate curiosity, creative confidence and hands-on, research experience in arts, tech and science collaboration that innovates in brain research;  B.  Create a new crowdfunding mechanism that incentivizes philanthropy and collaborative arts, tech and science learning.

As a GGI advocacy campaign, the Inventio!Brains Prize contributes to the Neuro-Education, Global Learning and Arts, Tech, Math and Science (STE+AM) movements.  These regional, national and global initiatives foster creative thinking and problem solving as well as inspire self-regulation and preventative health practices that strengthen character and spirit and insure high performing brain function.

Why You Should Care:

The “knowledge / patent economy” has permeated all aspects of modern life, shaping how we access, share and store information for prosperity, health, environmental sustainability and the pursuit of happiness.  In the minds of  scientists, engineers and inventors, a patent culture fuels research, industry and economic advancement.  For artists, designers and now app developers, questions around patents and Intellectual Property are not often explored or worse, remain elusive.

If we expect students and emerging entrepreneurs to participate in a knowledge / patent economy, there is a growing need to establish access to knowledge, skills, experience and social good values.   As future stakeholders in this dual focus economy and in the  advance brain research and brain health, we need the kind of creative scientists and makers who can, as Isaac Newton once noted, ‘stand on the shoulders of giant’ to gain perspective, disrupt norms of thinking and invent something new. Perhaps the film BigHero 6 sums it up:  We must support collaborative “nerd” labs and epic challenges to bring together teams of problem solvers from different fields and cultural backgrounds to generate novel materials, products and worlds for social good.

How does the Inventio!Brains Prize improve student learning?

Be Collaborative: The opportunity to collaborate with peers across majors and disciplines presents today’s students the chance to expand their thinking about “STEM” and Visual and Design arts subject areas.  The Inventio!Brains Prize also sends the message that funding for collaborative research is available and the way of the future — a precedent set by NSF, the XPrize and IDEO and communicated by leaders in the field of biotech and IT including Intel, Qualcomm and MIT Media Lab. The Inventio!Brains Prize is especially geared toward students who wish to bring collaborative thinking and research methods into their college experience.

Be Engaged: Members of the winning Inventio!Brains Prize team will be offered GGI Fellowships. This includes taking a leadership role in speaking to schools in their regional area to let them know about the prize and the important role designers and artists have in working collaboratively with scientists to innovate brain research.

Be Mentored:  Dr. Greenstein will mentor both Fellows and Interns. We include both Fellows and Interns on the GGI website. The intern position grows from GGI‘s past as a mentoring program for college students who are looking for opportunities to expand their experience in interdisciplinary arts and design education and in working in an R & D think tank. Support the InventioBrains Prize by visiting our cool CrowdRise Campaign.  Click Here.


Take the Challenge:  Register to compete for the 2015 Inventio!Brains Prize.

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